Commitment to Principle

Family—Values-driven families are the backbone of Ohio. By fostering an environment that promotes and allows a father and mother to parent according to their values, families and communities are strengthened.

Life—Life is valuable at all stages, from conception to death. We have a Constitutional duty to protect life at every stage. We must work to encourage our communities to help those who need extra support and security.

Second Amendment Rights—The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Commitment to Accountability

Accountability to Voters—The job of a representative is to represent the voices of his constituents to the best of his ability. This requires constant contact within the district, an accessible schedule, and an ability to articulate the desires of his constituents in a politically effective way.

Taxes & Spending—A representative must recognize the source of revenue when determining appropriate ways to tax and spend. He must be committed to being a worthy steward of taxpayer funds, and he must do all he can to limit taxation and spending to what is permitted through the federal and state constitutions. He has a duty to work to foster private solutions to public problems that fall outside the realm of what is permitted in these constitutions.  

Commitment to Community

Economy—Ohio can only thrive and compete when policy is driven by the free-market economy. Creating more minimum wage jobs does not do much to help our overall growth. We must focus on free-market policies that allow for wage growth, encourage competition, cut waste, and ensure equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Education—The education system in Ohio has become too complex and driven by outside funding. Parents and local communities know what is best for their children, and it is imperative we promote a system that returns control to local communities. This effort should include the refusal to accept Common Core standards and reject efforts by non-educators in elected office to repackage and force these standards on our local communities.

Health Care—The cost of Medicaid expansion in our state is an unsustainable burden. The representative must work to ensure this load is lifted while promoting private solutions to increasing, overbearing health care costs.

Drugs—Any candidate for office who claims to know how to solve this issue is being dishonest. Addressing this issue will be incredibly difficult, and it is imperative that the representative works diligently with community leaders—and those who are at ground zero of this epidemic—to come up with conditions and solutions that will help to quickly eradicate this problem.