J.D. Winteregg lives in Troy with his wife, Aimee, and son. He is a former educator who works at a locally-known grain elevator, and he has taken an unconventional route to political involvement—one steeped in the desire to create a greater level of access, accountability, and principle among our elected officials.

J.D. earned his BA in International Business and French at Ohio Wesleyan University, his MEd in Foreign Language Education at Wright State University, and his MA in French at Ohio State University. He has completed his PhD coursework at Ohio State University. His time at OSU is one that shaped his desire to serve in politics. Facing an imposing liberal/progressive agenda in academia, he promised himself that he would devote his free time to fighting it. He left his PhD program to become an advocate for conservative principles, family values, and greater accountability for our elected officials. During this fight, he gained experience in the educational and agricultural sectors.

As a Merchandising Manager, J.D. has seen the importance of advocacy in keeping our elected officials honest. He is a trustee on the Miami County Farm Bureau Board, and he recently completed the year-long, elite, AgriPOWER leadership program. He has worked tirelessly to get principled people more involved in the political process, and he has helped various Republicans get elected to positions around the state. J.D. is asking for your support as he works to serve Miami and Darke Counties as a representative to Ohio’s 80th House district.