On November 8th, 2016—Election Day—Aimee and I welcomed our first child into this world. While outside of the hospital seemed to be a frenzied mess with people analyzing, overanalyzing, and predicting the outcome of the crazy election year, we were oblivious as we got to know this new life God had gifted us. We wondered if we’d ever get to this point; five miscarriages and years of trying placed us in a tense nine month period as we awaited our son’s birth. Once he came, we couldn’t look away from such a precious gift.

As we moved back to reality into the settling dust of the election cycle, it became more and more clear that our country was resting on the ashes of division, hatred, and despair. Processing this outcome, I came to the conclusion that this is not the country my son is going to know. I vowed to do something about it.

While I never imagined I would jump back into running for office so soon, my desire to serve never waned. I spent the past year and a half getting to know this political system in a more thorough manner. I became a Miami County Farm Bureau Trustee. I went through the Ohio Farm Bureau’s elite AgriPOWER leadership program. I learned to better advocate for issues with our elected officials, and I learned a lot more about how things work at the Statehouse. With my background in education, agriculture, and small business, I realized that I could carry the voices of those with whom I’ve worked to Columbus. I realized I could be an incredibly effective advocate for this state district.

Our district has had strong representation in the past, but there’s a glaring issue with our current state: we lack the representation and involvement of people from my generation. Without our voices and understanding of how a fast-paced, technologically driven world works, we’re bound to see a future that will continue to be divided and more difficult for my son as he grows. I am running not only to bridge the generational gap, but to be a voice that understands the wisdom of previous generations, that understands the sectors important to our district, and that understands the importance of creating a better state for my son. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Miami and Darke counties, and I am asking for your support as I endeavor to be the leader we deserve.

  1. Robin Johnson says:

    Your vision is correct. Your generation needs to become more involved to get us back on track. Best wishes and good luck on your decision to run.

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