J.D Winteregg and his wife Aimee Winteregg

I’m a Christian, conservative Millennial, born and raised in Ohio. I love this state. I’ve lived in and traveled to many places, and but I always ended up back here in Ohio, where I’m now rooted with a wife and son.

I’m a former French teacher who now works at a grain elevator. It’s about the least predictable of paths anyone could take, but I’ve always moved forward. I’m also known to stir the pot when it needs to be stirred.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been engaged in the political scene. I have to be. With the massive amount of debt heaped on my generation’s shoulders, and with the new civil unrest and divided nation, it’ll be up to my generation to bring us back from the brink. If not me, then who? Certainly not the people who put us in this position. I firmly believe we need to peacefully—but forcefully—unsettle the political apparatuses in place before positive change in politics will happen.

I’m well-versed in many areas, particularly education, agriculture, faith, politics, travel, France, but despite my degrees, I believe that there’s always more to learn. You’ll find intelligence in the least expected places, and looking for it is a rewarding—and humbling—challenge.